Member of a Chapter

A women is admitted to the Order as a member of a Chapter. An individual may be admitted as a Daughter-at-Large, but only if there is no Chapter in her congregation or within a reasonable driving distance.

If you are interested in membership in The Order of the Daughters of the Holy Cross many of your questions can be answered by looking through the DHC Handbook which can be found on and downloaded from the Resources tab. You may also email Gail Cahill, Membership Chair or call 1877-682-3049 to reach her by phone.

Daughters at Large (DAL)

A Daughter at Large (DAL) is a member of the Order of the Daughters of the Holy Cross who resides within a community where there are no existing Chapters.  She may form a Chapter (a minimum of three women) either in her own congregation or with other women who adhere to the faith statement of the Order.  Geographical distance should not be considered a limiting factor in the ability to form a Chapter as women can maintain regular contact by phone, mail, E-mail or internet connection. 

Once three DALs form a Chapter their status will change from DAL to Chapter Member with all the rights and privileges that other Chapters of the Order maintain.  One member is to be identified as the Chapter President and she will be responsible for identifying a member of the clergy who will become the chaplain of the Chapter.  All members of the Chapter will be responsible for maintaining some form of close communication that will allow their Chapter to become a flourishing and vital company of women that can be shared and reflected outwards into the larger community through our fourfold vow of prayer, service, study and evangelism. 

A Message from the DAl Coordinator

The Daughters at Large within the Order of the Daughters of the Holy Cross remain largely a scattered people and this appears to be a condition of the Church of Christ down through the centuries.  You are not alone.  But a new thing is coming.  Our vision is one in which Daughters at Large: are able to create loving communities - with Christ as the constitutional sustainer - where women from one end of the country embrace women on the other side praying for peace and offering up sacrificial praise;  provide hope where women can connect by honoring and serving each other and the world out of reverence for Christ;  gather as a disciplined and obedient group of women who are encouraged and uplifted by one another - who know within our day the life and power of the new kingdom that is not only on the horizon, but already flowing over within our midst.

My mission is to facilitate connection between Daughters at Large.  And I am grateful that we are living in a time where it is possible to bring women who live hundreds of miles away from each other into the heart of what is happening around us through the use of no tech, low tech or high tech solutions. 

If you would like to be connected to other Daughters at Large or a Chapter near you, please feel free to contact me and I will help facilitate a connection. Email: Monika Hassan or call 1877-682-3049 to reach her by phone.